When we formed a whopping 20 years ago (how time flies!), talking about germs was something people tended to avoid. Sure we acknowledged their existence, but it was our job as humans to wipe them out as best we could with bleaches and cleaning products galore. But just as everyone else tried their best to remain germ-free, our scientist, Karen Sinclair Drake courageously began immersing herself in this world, investigating, researching, creating...getting to know the complex world of germs. Well someone’s gotta do it!

Today, there is immense interest in how the human microbiome interacts with and affects our health and wellness, as well as the related fields of prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics (yes, there’s a third one). It seems there’s something new to discover every day, shedding more light on this fascinating, invisible world of human microbes.

At the moment, we know much more about how prebiotics work in our gut than how they work on our skin. But we have discovered that using prebiotics topically has a plethora of benefits for a number of concerns, from acne to rosacea, dryness to dullness. As a result, Karen and her team have been focusing their research on this new perspective of using prebiotics in the treatment of many skin conditions, and they've even written the first ever book about it… SKINISMS.

SKINISMS goes where no other book has gone before. In this all inclusive read, the authors give you the tools and knowledge you need for buying skinism-friendly skincare, it shows you fresh facial recipes you can make at home, and is crammed with more than 20 delicious recipes to nourish your skinisms from within. The book goes so much further than creams and elixirs, it will help you discover what really works to heal and revitalize your skin for good.

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