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Prebiotic Activ Technology™

Patent number 15/331,679


As you can imagine, we live for our research and we get such a buzz from making new discoveries. One of our most exciting to date is our patented Prebiotic Activ Technology™, which is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of acne-causing bacteria in just 30 seconds – now that’s fast!


This pure botanical base of British organic blackcurrant fruit and European wild-crafted pine needle promotes the growth of protective bacteria on your skin and casts out the unwanted ones. This helps to balance your good microbiome, leaving skin happier, healthier and spot-free!


What’s more, because we’ve said goodbye to the harsh chemicals often found in traditional acne remedies – nasties such as benzoyl peroxide, which actually kill the good bacteria on your skin as well as the bad – we’ve managed to get to the root of the problem, so there’s less chance of acne returning.


As well as freeing your skin from unwanted spots and blemishes, this innovation could also help deter the aging process, too. But don't just take out word for it! Research from the Department of Environmental Health Sciences has shown that benzoyl peroxide users may be aging faster. This is because benzoyl peroxide contains free radicals, which can damage your cells, leaving skin weaker and more vulnerable to the elements. In stark contrast, our technology actually protects your skin and strengthens it against aging. Result!


This groundbreaking discovery was made in our UK research labs (which are essentially like big greenhouses) after testing nearly 300 different botanicals and the synergy between them. We were amazed to see the wonderful results when blending humble British blackcurrant extract with European pine needle extract. Of course it’s not just about the blend itself, but the method is also patended. And now that we’ve discovered this wonder method, we can forge ahead and use it with other extracts to help with sooo many other skin conditions. So watch this space!


Prebiotic Activ Technology is currently available in both DermOne Skincare and SkinSanity brands.

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